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Lead a life by design


High-Performance Coach

I work with Senior Managers, Entrepreneurs and CEO’s helping them enhance their performance by providing them with strategies to achieve their goals, facilitating transformational change in all areas of life.

I adopt a holistic approach to coaching and believe we all have the power within us to achieve our greatness. I have mastered many areas in life and believe that success is about mindset, and values being aligned.

I will encourage you to think big and think outside the box.

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Join me and my inspirational guests on The Sonya Morton Firth Show. I will be delving deep into the minds of Entrepreneurs, Disruptors, Mavericks, Leaders and people that want to change the world by telling their amazing stories.



Are you at the edge of something big, and can’t quite get there?

Do you want to achieve more, throw away that rule book and take yourself to the next level?

What makes me different to many mentors and coaches out there, is that I take a holistic approach in helping Entrepreneurs, Founders and Leaders in reaching peak performance in business and life.

Having worked in the Finance Industry for 20 years as an award-winning Sales Director, I understand the challenges of thriving in high-performance environments.

Energy, clarity, resilience and wellbeing have a huge impact on performance, let me help you in all these areas.

"Sonya has helped tremendously by mentoring through the early stages of self-employment, holding me 'accountable' and enabling me to start visualising what I wanted my business to be, and what I wanted it to look like."

Sarah Birch

“Having never done anything like this, I was a little skeptical at first. Within the first session though I was convinced that the coaching sessions with Sonya would prove to be incredibly useful."


“Working with Sonya was a powerful and special experience for me. Sonya has a rare gift of empowering you to achieve more than you think you can yourself.”

Kate Tapper

“We don’t stop playing because we grow oldwe grow old because we stop playing.”

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