Spiritual Leader talks about the Importance of Connection

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Preethaji is a philosopher, transformational leader, and co-founder of the O&O Academy, a philosophy and meditation school for transforming consciousness. She offers courses in major cities around the world that lead people to the scientific and transcendental dimensions of consciousness.

Her TEDx Talk, “How to End Stress, Unhappiness and Anxiety to Live in a Beautiful State”, has reached more than two & quarter million people.

TEDx Talk Video:

Her new book “The Four Sacred Secrets” which she has written along with her husband Krishnaji, has become a US national best seller and LA times best seller. Preethaji and Krishnaji are most unique as they are wife and husband and are both philosophers and mystics who can impact consciousness of people through their Enlightened state of consciousness.

To have Preethaji with me on my show is a rare privilege.

Listen as Preethaji will share her insights on connection, and a beautiful state of mind.

Lear more about Preethaji here:

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