Brandon Block

Life as a DJ: Fame, Drugs & Effects on Mental Health

About This Episode

Brandon was born in 1967 in Wembley, a Londoner born and bred. Brandon rose to fame in the late 1980s and 1990s as a DJ and today he’s still getting people up on the dance-floor.

His hedonistic lifestyle led him to being given two weeks to live.

He’s hit the media several times. In 2000 at the Brit Awards over a water incident with Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones. In 2017 coming out of Celebrity Big Brother after being in there one week.

Now Brandon helps thousands by raising awareness over mental health issues and drug abuse on his platforms: Happy Days and Tuned Out – which gives people a voice to share what they’ve been through and are going through.

Lear more about Brandon here:

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